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Cheetah Mobile Security or CM Security Antivirus for Android, is it the best Antivirus for Android device right now? Lets dig it.

What’s going on, in this article I’m gonna make a review about the most downloaded Antivirus app on Google Play, CM Security. Who don’t know about this app, Cheetah Mobile Security is an old player in this sector.

It’s a free app with a lot of features, not only for Antivirus, you can also use this app to clean your device from junk files, boost your performance by kill some unimportant task, battery saver and more.

But the question is, does all work well or it’s only a junk features to make this app more valuable?

So in this article let me show my experienced when I was using this app for a couple days, this is my pure review about CM Security Antivirus for Android and for the security sector I’ll give you the data from to make this review more valuable.

Alright lets start it….

CM Security Antivirus for Android Free

CM Security Antivirus for Android Free Download

Cheetah Mobile Security Antivirus for Android has been downloaded 500 million times on Google Play and getting 4.7 stars from their users. At least 24 million users gave their review when I was creating this article.

This number beats AVG Antivirus and Lookout Security with 100 million downloads. Wow, it amazed me at the first time, but when I installed this app on my phone, I know why a lot of people downloaded it.

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It’s because CM Security Antivirus or Security Master include a lot of features that make users don’t need to install another app. I have to say that the Developer, Cheetah Mobile is very smart. They knew what are Android users need.

So they not only created an Antivirus app, but also created features to cleaning device from junk files, boost performance, battery saver, CPU cooler, App Lock and more plus the most important things, IT’S FREE. Although not all of them worth, but ya it can make Android users are interested.

So now, I’m gonna show you does CM Security Antivirus worth to download?

# Security Sector

This is the important thing that you have to know about CM Security, the security level. Let’s see the detail below.

CM Security Antivirus for Android Free Download

Click on The Image to Zoom


That’s the information that I got from, as you can see, for the protection and usability score, Cheetah Mobile Security or Security Master got 6.0/6.0. So with no doubt The security sector of CM Security is perfect.

The more complete information about the security level, please visit

# Junk Clean Feature

The next is junk clean feature. I think it’s not special because most of Antivirus app has been included it on their app. But this feature is good and work well.

# Phone Boost Feature

When I was using this feature, it didn’t effect with my performance, so I think it’s useless and generally, every smartphone has included built-in feature to do this job and it’s more effective.

# Battery Saver

The next feature is battery saver. For your information, I never use battery saver from third app since I knew that is useless. The same thing when I used this feature on CM Security app.

# CPU Cooler

To be honest, I didn’t know does it work or not because my phone never gets hot so I can’t test it. If you have tested it, please let me know on the comment section below how the result.

# App Lock

If you want to lock some apps on your phone like social media account, gallery, etc, this feature is good for you. But if your smartphone has built-in device to lock some apps like mine, this feature will be useless.

Alright, I think that’s all for this review. As you can see, there are a lot of features that useless for me, but I have to say that the security level is very very good.

Now it’s up to you, if you just want to use the security feature, this app is very good, I’ll give you the download link below, but if you wanna use all of features, think it twice.

Download CM Security Antivirus for Android Free Download

Ok, that’s all for now and don’t forget to share this article if it’s useful and see you in the next articles. Bye-Bye 🙂

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