Does My Phone Have a Virus? 5 Common Symptoms Will Answer it

Do you feel that your phone get slower, unresponsive, the battery runs out quickly, there are a lot of ads appear and disturb you? if yes you should read this article carefully because in this article I’m gonna discuss a topic about Does My Phone Have a Virus? and if yes, how do I get rid of a virus on my phone? let’s dig it.

We know, Android is one of the most used mobile OS at this time. It’s because there are many apps that you can download for free, a lot of new features and the security is getting better time to time.

However, viruses or malware are getting better too, so this is the reason why you should aware because malware or viruses can be easily subvert your private accounts for example your email, online banking, or apps.

how do I get rid of a virus on my phone?

In my previous article I’ve discussed about how to secure your Android phone, I’ve gave 7 tips to prevent viruses or malware to infiltrate your smartphone. I highly recommend you to check it before you ask Does My Phone Have a Virus?

Malware or viruses are very smart, they are good at manipulating themselves. They can access all your files and apps without getting caught and maybe you don’t know if there are a lot of viruses or malware inside your phone.

Malware or viruses don’t announce itself, they are running secretly on the background. Although it’s running behind the screen, you’ll feel the impact caused by malware or viruses.

Some people ask “Can android phones get viruses?” So, in this article I’ll give you Symptoms of an Infected Device and how to solve it, but before it, don’t forget to check and subscribe the email list because I’ll create a lot of content about Android security.

Can You Get Viruses On Your Phone?

Does My Phone Have a Virus? There are a lot of symptoms when a phone has been infected by viruses or malware, the most common I’ve created below, so let’s check this out 🙂

#1. Data Usage Becomes Uncontrollable

can you get a virus on your phone

Have you ever experienced this moment when you bought internet packages that should be a month but has run out in the middle of the month? It could be viruses or malware that running on your phone.

Some Viruses or malware need internet connection to move the informations from your device to another device. When it happens, you can lose your secret informations.

Moreover, Malware can download and install app without your permission. So it makes you to buy extra data, not for you but for malware.

So you’ve to know how to stop it because you don’t wanna waste your money right?

The first thing that you have to do is turn on or enable the speed bar notification. Some phones have this features but not all of them, so if your phone doesn’t have it, you can download it on Play Store, just click this link Download Internet Speed Meter Lite

When you done, open it and the speed bar notification will appear on the top left of your screen.

Now, close all apps and observe the data traffic, it’s suddenly increase or not. If the data traffic increase without any apps running, there is an app running in the background.

Go to Setting >> Application >> Running apps and check the unknown app that running. BE CAREFUL !!!, because if you disable the wrong app, maybe your phone will crash.

So if you aren’t sure which one you should kill, I highly recommend you to use Antivirus, so don’t forget to read this article The Best Free Antivirus for Android Phone too 🙂

#2. Unwanted Apps was Installed

can you get a virus on your phone

Have you ever found app installed without your permission? It maybe caused by viruses. If you find it on your phone, uninstall it and if there is an ads suddenly appear, don’t click it because it’ll be downloaded even when you click cancel.

So just click back or home, the next step is remove the adware from your phone. Generally, adware will manipulate itself as hidden app, so you can’t find it in the home screen.

The easiest way to find adware is by

  1. looking at the Status Bar. If there is an ads advertising hold click on it and you can see from where this ads appear.
  2. Go to Setting >> Application and then uninstall that app

Easy right? not at all. Sometimes the adware didn’t show their notification, so you can’t use that trick, but there is the other trick, the easiest than before.

Just install adware or malware removal and scan your whole device. If you don’t know which app you have to use, go to this article 11 Best Malware Removal Android, I’ve gave my review 🙂

How to Check Your Phone for Viruses


#3. Pop Up Ads

How do I know if my phone has a virus? The most common cases when your Android phone was infected by viruses or malware is there are pop up appear when you close or open any/some apps.

If it’s happen to you, back to the number #2, don’t click it, just click back and then kill this running app from running task.

And don’t forget to turn on pop up blocker on your browser, so there’ll be no viruses or malware can infect your Android phone.

#4. Unexplained Charges

The other characteristic if your Android phone was infected by malware is there is unusual charges without you realize before.It’s very dangerous if all your data saved on your phone. So don’t underestimate your Android security when you saved all your secret information on your phone.

#5. Battery Drain

How Do I Know If My Phone Has a Virus

We know that, malware or viruses are running on the background, so we can’t see the activities, and of course if this malware runs continuously, it’ll need a lot of energy, so don’t be surprised if your battery is drained.

The wrong thing that people do, they think the battery is damaged, so they buy new battery and you know it’s not help because the problem isn’t the battery, but the software (malware).

So don’t rush to change your battery, check the running tab first and you can find which apps that consume a lot of battery power.

So now, how to clean your phone from virus? Well, there are 2 way that you can choose, using antivirus or remove it manually. But sometimes, remove viruses manually isn’t easy, you have to know which one is virus or normal app.

So for you I highly recommend you to download Antivirus and scan your device deeply.

If you ask me which one is the best, you can use AVG Antivirus for Android Phone, to make sure, check the link and read my review about AVG for Android. If you’re interested with this Antivirus, you can download it right now on Google Play 🙂

I think that’s all for now, I hope this article help you to solve your problem about Does My Phone Have a Virus? If you’ve another problem or question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to write it on the column session below. I’ll apreciate that.

Can android phones get viruses? You’ve find it, right?

Thank you and see you in the next articles. Bye-Bye 🙂

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