Dr Web VS Eset Android Who’s Better?

Who’s better between Dr Web Security Space and Eset Mobile Security Android? So in this article I’m gonna compare Dr Web vs Eset Android and you can choose which one is better.

Why we have to compare Antivirus? well, in my previous articles I’ve mentioned a lot of time, you can’t install more than one Antivirus in a device because they’ll attack each other so it’s not good for your smartphone performance.

So it’s important to choose one of the best and based on your need. Because there are a lot of Antivirus on Google Play, we can’t decide which one is better, so in the next article, I’ll create same articles like this to compare more Antivirus so you can choose which one is better for you.

And in this first time Antivirus comparing article, I’ve chance to comparing Dr. Web Security Space and Eset Mobile Security. So let’s dig it.

But, before we dive deeply, if you’ve question about Do I Need Antivirus for Android Phone? I’ve answered that question before, so you have to check it first or visit Antivirusforandroidphones.com to get more articles about Android security.

Dr Web VS Eset Android Comparison

Before we start it, I want you to know that in this article I’m not just sharing my own review, but I’m also include datas from AV-Test.org, if you want to know what was that, just visit the website.

Ok, let’s start it….

# Eset Mobile Security Review

ESET Free Antivirus for Android Review

First, we’ll review Eset Mobile Security, I’m sure that you have heard or maybe used it before because Eset Mobile Security isn’t new player in this field.

Before released for Android, Eset becomes one of the most used Antivirus on Desktop version until now. So we can’t underestimate this Antivirus. In my previous articles, I have mentioned it on this article Eset Free Antivirus for Android Phone and this one Eset Best 5 Android Phones Free Download.

So in this article I just want to share the point or the important thing that you should know about Eset Mobile Security.

  • There are 2 version, free and premium. If you want to access all of features, you should pay $14 for a year, but if you don’t want it you can keep using the free version
  • Eset mobile security is user friendly and easy to operate
  • If you’re using Android with less than 2 GB of RAM, it’ll impact for your performance (getting slow)

So there are important thing about Eset based on my own review when I used it. And now how about the review from AV-Test.org? Here it is.

Note: if you want eset mobile security for android full version free download, just visit Google Play.

Dr Web VS Eset Android

Dr Web VS Eset Android Review

# Dr Web Security Space

Dr Web Antivirus Full Version Apk

Dr Web VS Eset Android, which one is better? we’ll know it soon.

Maybe some of you didn’t know about Dr Web before, me too hahahaha. I knew it couple days ago when I want to know another Antivirus that have a lot of features and high security level, and finally I found it.

For your information, Dr Web Security Space not only for Android, but it also available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Dr Web Security Space has 2 version, free and paid.

But for the first time you install this app you can access premium version for 14 days free trial. To be honest, I’m very interested with developer who give the users trial version of their premium version, Trial version is very important for us, because we can decide, it’s worth to buy or not.

If you want to download dr web antivirus full version apk, I highly recommend you to download and buy it from Google Play or visit the website at drweb.com.

And now we’re going to the main purpose, reviewing Dr Web Security Space.

There are 6 features in the premium version, here there are:

  1. Scanner (Check system for threats)
  2. Call and SMS filter (Protect against unwanted calls, SMS and spam)
  3. URL filter (Restricts access to selected website categories)
  4. Anti-Theft (Lets you locate the device if it’s lost or stolen)
  5. Firewall (Manage application network activity)
  6. Security Auditor (Troubleshoots security problems)

If you want to know my review about it, here they are:

  • Scanning process take a long time
  • The interface is very simple and user friendly
  • There’re notification that we can’t hide it
  • It’s very light so it doesn’t impact for your performance

The scanning process take a long time. Normally, when we use another Antivirus, like AVG, AVAST and Eset, “Quick Scanning” only take 3-5 minutes, but when I used Dr.Web, scanning process take longer time.

Maybe with the longer time for scanning, more specific information that we’ll get. Ok, to make you sure, I’ll give you data from AV-Test.org.

Eset Mobile Security Review

Dr Web Security Space Review

That’s all about Eset Mobile Security Review and Dr Web Security Space for Android. So, have you chosen Dr Web VS Eset Android which one is better? Let me know in the comment session below and if you have any other thoughts, let me know too.

Thank you and see you in the next articles. Bye-Bye 🙂

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