Is AVG Free Antivirus For Android Phones Still Powerful?


Do you trust your phone security without Antivirus? Is your Android security phone always gets update from developer? Are your sure that no malicious files on your smartphone?

If you answered "No", That's the reason why you should install AVG Free Antivirus for Android Phones on your device.

Everyone knows that you save your secret files on your phone, because almost everyone do that. That's why some people out there try to steal your secret files for their interests.

Some time a ago, there was a ransomware named "wanna cry" that infected a lot of computer in more than 150 countries. This ransomware will steal your files and protect it with a password. You can't access your PC before you pay some money to them. And if you don't pay until the deadline, your files will be lost.

Despite the ransomware only attack PC users, but we can learn from that case. We have to protect our files from malicious software or malware.

There are a lot of Antivirus on play store that provide a lot of features. One of them is AVG Free Antivirus For Android Cell Phones. Who don't know this app? Everyone knows it.

AVG has been protected a lot of platform, especially Android phones. There are more than 4 million people satisfied with AVG Performance and this app has been downloaded 100 million times on Play Store.

So, do you want to know specifically about the protection level and performance? Check review from

Avg Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download

Avg Free Antivirus For Android Phone

AVG has designed not only to protect your Android phone from malicious software or malware but also has a lot of features that I think it's very useful and practical. For example, feature to improve your performance. So you don't need to download another app because, Free Avg Antivirus For Android Phone has provided it for you.

There are free version and paid version. If you want to access all AVG features, you have to upgrade to AVG PRO. What's the different between Free and Pro version? Look at this table πŸ™‚

Antivirus protection (Block viruses & spyware)
Anti-Theft (Find & lock your lost phone)
Camera Trap (See who's got your phone)
Device lock (Lock phone if the SIM is replaced)
App Lock (Password-protect sensitive apps)
App Backup (Back up apps to your SD card)
No Advertising (Enjoy an ad-free experience)

The Pro version pricedΒ at $2.69 per month or $10.79 a year. I think it's very fair if you look at the features will you get.

But, if you don't need other features or just want to try the Antivirus protection, you can use the free version which is very powerful to protect your phone.

Note: For the first time you install AVG, you'll get the Pro Version for 30 days.

How about the scanning process?

In my Android phone, scanning process doesn't take a long time. It's very fast and can detect the latest malware. Here is the result from

Avg Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download

If you want to optimize your Android performance, AVG Free Antivirus for Android Phone has provided for you. AVG includes tools that let you kill tasks, monitor your battery usage, save your battery consumption, remove unnecessary files and monitor your storage usage.

Because of that, you don't need to install other apps that will slow down your performance.

The next feature that I want to share with you is Anti-Theft feature. With this feature, you can control your phone when you lost it or someone stole it from you.

To activate this feature, you need to confirm your email and password. After that you can use this feature anytime.

If you want to use Anti-Theft feature from web, first you should visit Then enter your email and your password that you registered before.

  • To find your phone click "Locate"
  • To lock your phone click "Lock"
  • To unlock your phone click "Unlock"
  • To sound alarm click "Shout"
  • To delete all data on your phone click "Wipe". Remember, it'll delete all data on your smartphone including your data on your external memory.

You can also take a picture of someone who try to access your phone. If he/she entered wrong pin three times, your phone automatically will take a picture and send it to your email.

To make this article more simple, I have created a list below, so lets check this out πŸ™‚

Free Avg Antivirus For Android Phones


The Advantages of Avg Free Antivirus For Android Phone

  • There are some useful features, so we don't need another app.
  • The scanning process doesn't take a long time
  • Very easy to operate and looks simple
  • Doesn't impact to your battery life
  • Doesn't slow down your phone

The Disadvantages of Avg Free Antivirus For Android Phone

  • If you're using free version, there will be ads appearing
  • Some features can't access with free version
  • There are some useless features

In my previous article, I have mentioned my review about free AVG Antivirus for Android phone and another best antivirus for Android Phones, if you want to know Avg free Antivirus for android phone review, you can click this link Free Antivirus for Android Phones 2017

The best free antivirus for Android phones that you have to install in your smartphone. Let's try it!

So, are you interested with it? let me know by leave a comment below and if you are old user of this app, feel free to share with us your experience when used this app on column section below. If you want Avg Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download, you can click big link below or visit play store. Thank you and see you guys in the next article, bye-bye πŸ™‚

Avg Free Antivirus For Android Phone

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