Free Antivirus for Android Phones 2017 (UPDATE LIST)


Hi, what's going on guys, in this article I'm gonna share with you about Free Antivirus for Android Phones. We know that everyone has privacy, whether in their wallet, in their bag and also in their Android phone.

So the question is "How to keep your privacy?"

If you have a privacy in your wallet, you can buy a wallet with high security like the Woolet, smart wallet with high security.

This also applies to a bag, you can choose the smart bag with high security level.

But, how if your secret information is in your Android phone?

Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones

So you need to protect your data or your files with high security level, one of the ways to protect your data is install the best Antivirus for Android Phones.

For you who has a new Android device maybe you don't have to worry, because Google, in this case, is the owner of Android always improve their security to prevent viruses from infecting Android devices.

But, how about the old Android version? whether the security is still good? or Google doesn't care anymore about the old version?

We don't know about that, but the most important thing that we should know that there are a lot of bad people out there who want to steal your privacy by creating powerful viruses that can damage your device security.

So this is why you should install Antivirus for your Android phones. Which the best Antivirus that should I install in my smartphone? It depends on your priority.

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Free Antivirus for Android Phones 2017

Like I mentioned before, if you want to secure your privacy in your phone, you should install Antivirus depends on your priority.

There are a lot of antivirus in Play Store from free to paid. But in this article, I just choose the free Antivirus for Android Phones that have many positive reviews in Google Play. So this is the list.


#1. AVG Mobile Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus for Android Phones

Update! Complete Review of Avg Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download


If you ask me this question, What is the best antivirus for android phones? surely I'll answer AVG free antivirus for android.

The best free Antivirus download for Android phone 2017, in my opinion, is AVG Antivirus Free. When I created this article, there are 100 million people install this antivirus in their Android phones and 5,7 million people gave their review.

There are a lot of positive reviews from users who used this software. AVG Antivirus Free got 4,5 from 5 stars which it's a great number. Indeed, with no doubt, AVG is the best Antivirus in all platforms.

Not only Antivirus service, AVG Antivirus for Android mobile also provide another service like improve your Android performance, make browsing activities more secure and the other service. If you want to know another service, you can visit AVG Homepage.

So back to the topic, why I put AVG free security Antivirus in the first place of Free Antivirus Apps For Android Phones? Because this app has a lot of useful features. These are useful features of AVG Antivirus free Android you have to know.

AVG Antivirus Free Features:

» Protection:

  • Scan your apps, game, files, and remove malicious content from your device with 2 to 3 clicks.
  • Scan the website to detect malicious threats and if the URL isn't secure, you'll be directed to "Secure Page" if you use chrome or default browser.
  • WiFi Scanners, Analyzers, and Inspectors for network encryption, password strength, Captive Portal (which requires you to 'login' before you can use WiFi), and ARP Poisoning (giving way for attackers to redirect you to other URLs).

» Performance:

  • Monitor your power consumption and activate the power saver.
  • Stop useless apps that incriminate the system.
  • Monitor your mobile data plan usage.
  • Optimize your internal and external storage.

» Anti-Theft:

  • Find your lost device via Google Map.
  • Make your device vibrate even in silent mode.
  • Camera Trap (30 days trial): Take a picture when someone entered the wrong password 3 times and send it to your email address.
  • Lock Device (30 days trial): Lock your device automatically when someone changes the Sim Card.
  • Delete all data in your smartphone.

» Privacy:

  • Hide your photo with a password
  • Lock your apps that you don't want anyone else to open it (ex: line, what's up, BBM, etc)
  • SMS and Call Blocker
  • Delete your browsing history and your call history

That was the features and advantages of AVG Antivirus Free, now I'll give you lack of this Antivirus, remember this is my own perspective about AVG, and if you have different opinions with me you can type your comment in columns section below 🙂

The Disadvantages of AVG Antivirus Free:

  • This is a heavy app to run, if you have 2 GB RAM or more it's not a problem, but if you're using Android with less 2 GB of RAM, this will be a problem. So if your Android device has less 2 GB RAM, don't be angry if sometimes your device doesn't work well.
  • There are some useless features like delete all data in your smartphone. If you want to do it, just go to setting » backup & reset » factory data reset.

That's all my review about AVG Antivirus Free, I have mentioned AVG Antivirus as The Best Antivirus in my last article too, so don't forget to check it and now the choice in your hand. If you want to download it, click link below:

Download AVG Antivirus Free


#2. Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

Security Master free antivirus download for android phone

If you're using Android phone with less 2 GB of RAM this Antivirus is very recommend for you. This app only consume 30 to 50 of RAM in my phone which is not make my device slow down or unresponsive.

Like the previous Antivirus, Security Master has a lot of features, but in this article I'm gonna make my review about the Antivirus or protection feature.

Here's my review 🙂

The Advantages of Security Master:

  • It's very simple to operate. In the first time, there is a scan feature to scan your Android phone from viruses or malicious files with only 1 click.
  • Security Master doesn't take a long time to scan your phone, just about 2 to 4 minutes to finish it.
  • There aren't disturbing notifications appear from this app.
  • This app is very user friendly, I think everyone can operate it.
  • There are some features that very useful for me.

The Disadvantages of Security Master:

  • There is one useless feature, CPU Cooler, I think it's not accurate.
  • I can't find the other disadvantages yet so I think that's all.

If you want it, you can click the link below

Download Security Master Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster


#3. 360 Security

360 Security the best antivirus for android phones

The next best free antivirus for Android phone, in my opinion, is 360 Security. There are 100 million people install it in their Android phones and there are 16 milions people shared their experience when used this app. 360 Security got 4,6 from 5 stars which it's a great number.

How about the features and the performance?

Here's my review 🙂

The Advantages of 360 Security

  • It's very easy to operate and the app looks cool.
  • When you scan all your apps and files, it doesn't take a long time.
  • There are a lot of features that very useful to improve my Android performance.
  • There aren't disturbing notification appear when you access another app. You can set the notification in the setting.

The Disadvantages of 360 Security

  • 360 Security requires a lot of RAM, in my case 360 security consume more than 200 Mb.
  • Although there are many useful features, there are also some useless features like phone cooler and game boost.

If you want it, you can download by click this link...

Download 360 Security


#4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Web Security & AppLock

Kaspersky best antivirus for android phones free download

Next, I choose Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. This app has been downloaded 10 million times and there are 2 million people shared their experience when used this app.

If you like a simple application, I highly recommend you to download this Antivirus. If you want to know more about Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, please read my review:

The Advantages of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

  • This app looks simple and easy to operate
  • When you scan all your apps and files, it doesn't take a long time.
  • Kaspersky doesn't consume a lot of RAM, it just consumes 40 Mb when not in use and consumes about 100 Mb of RAM.
  • Almost all features are useful to me.

The Disadvantages of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

  • There is a disturbing notification that in my opinion it isn't useful and I can't hide it.

So, do you like this Antivirus? You can download it through this link

Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Update List for Best Antivirus for Android Phones Free Download 2017

I think that's all about Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones based on my experience when I used them. I hope this information can be useful and you can choose the best free antivirus for your Android phones based on your priority. Thank you guys and see you in the next article 🙂

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